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My symbol of communication
My symbol of communication As a motivational speaker I am always pointing people in the direction of communication. Communication comes in many forms and ways, unlike many years ago when the common pigeon served a purpose of delivering messages.

I often talk about my symbol of communication, which is the Inukshuk statue; I chose the Inukshuk statue because for me it is the very embodiment of communication. I urge people to think of their own symbol of communication, something which may interest them and also remind them of how communication is so very important in today's busy ever changing world.

Instant messenger is one of the more popular forms of computer communication today and it really does serve as an excellent communication tool. I do stress though that communication in every sense is vital in order to be successful in the modern day business world. Not replying promptly to emails, not fulfilling promises of delivery times, not offering excellent customer service, all go a long way to ensuring your company may not be around for long.

Networking is another form of communication, you meet people with whom you build relationships, establish trust and eventually may even pass referrals back and forth. The telephone has been one of the most popular forms of communication for many years now, but unfortunately when you phone a client they cannot always be sitting by the phone waiting for your call. Make sure that you leave a clear and concise voice message and try not to make it too long. Leave the important information you wish to relay, along with your telephone number and times when you can be reached.

The most important thing about communication is that everyone communicates in their own way, some people smile and you think they feel happy and at ease, which is normally true, on the other hand others may not show you any emotion at all in their demeanour so you may feel nervous or on edge. Find out how you can help your client or business friend, discover their needs and offer them an alternative if you find you are not able to help them. Eventually this clear form of communication will display to everyone you come into contact with that you are a reliable, trustworthy and giving person and this will go a long way to establishing you and your business.

Communicate, communicate, communicate, tell them what you want to tell them, tell them what you want to tell them and tell them again, it works for me so give it a try!


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