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"How to Use On-line Directories to Promote Your Book" by Manisha Solomon of Solotext Editorial
Internet Book Promotion

The Internet offers self-publishing authors numerous opporunities to promote their work. Once you have created your website, it is time to start getting your name out there and submitting your domain name to search engines and on-line directories.

On-line directories are databases that contain information. For example, there are directories of businesses. A user can go to the search field and input the desired information they are looking for using key or exact words. Because a directory does not have access to the millions of websites on the Web, most of the information is manually inputted by those who want to be listed. As a website owner, you have to acknowledge that just because you have a website, doesn't mean that visitors will readily be able to find you. You have to make it easy.

Every web visitor has their methods of doing a search. Some are faithful to search engines such as Google or Opera. Others look into directories. Make it easier for visitors to find you by listing with the databases they use for searches. Although manually inputting your business information over and over again can be time-consuming, it will be rewarding. Just think, every time you do a Google search on your company name or book title, one more link will appear. This increases your presence on the Web, and offers visitors more access to your book. By submitting to on-line directories, you will spread the "word" about your book.

As a business owner and a self-publishing author, your business is essentially a publishing house, your book is your product. Use directories to bring awareness to your book.

Most of the following directories allow registrants to submit their listing for free. To enhance features, there are extra fees involved.

Become aware of your target market's habits. Do they use certain directories for information? Do they frequent certain search engines? With your research, you will be able to answer these questions and increase the chance of having your target market find your book.

Here is a list of Canadian-based on-line directories to list your business and mention your book. Don't be shy about doing this. With the Internet being a significant source of promotion and profits, you need to utilize it to your advantage. There are millions of websites competing for the same awareness that you want. Do your best to get it.

Many directories are geographically specific. Please respect their terms and don't register for a directory if you are outside of their territory. Some of these directories offer free event listings as well. If you conduct workshops or presentations, be sure to add and continually update this information. When it comes to the Internet, get your name out as often as possible.

With each listing, be sure to add your domain name to give visitors easy access to information about your book. The more links that come back to you, the better your chances of being found through search engine rankings. Take the time to submit your listing. Just investigate your options and what you are willing to pay for. Again, most of the following links provide a free listing submission service. Take advantage of it. Beware of directory services that take your information and sell it. Most do not do it, but beware. Don't be surprised if you get newsletters or e-mails from the directories. It's the cost of listing sometimes. Also, if possible, create a reciprocal link to the directory. It is just a courtesy. (Proud to Be Canadian)

There are hundreds of other on-line directories to keep you busy. You just have to find them. Use this method of promotion to your advantage. When it comes to the Web, you have to blow your own horn.

For help with on-line directories, call Solotext Editorial


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