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Your Web Site 12 Planning Steps
It is difficult for most small businesses to start working on your web project without any preparation. A marketing plan and an understanding of what steps are involved in it are critical. These 12 Planning Steps will help you to get an idea about what should be considered before you are ready to make a contact with a web design company. By planning out your strategy carefully you will be better prepared to work on your web site project. The "Planning Steps" will save your time and help you to make educated decision.

Step 1. Reason to Create Your Web Site. Why You Can’t Afford Not to Have a Web Site Anymore?

  • To inform the public about your interests
  • To promote company’s services or products
  • To collect information, or for communication
  • To sell on-line
  • To get new or keep existing clients

    Step 2. Web Site Idea. What type of web site do you need?

  • Design, Look, Futures, Technology, etc...
  • Basic Static Web Site, Web Gallery
  • Dynamic Web Site with Database
  • E-Commerce Web Site

    Step 3. Content of Web Site. Do you have it ready?

  • Pictures, Graphics, Logo
  • Text, what Languages?
  • Documents, Media files, Articles
  • Links to other web sites

    Step 4. How many Pages? How big your Web Site will be? 4 or 44 Pages? How do you call your Pages?

    Home Page, About Us, Gallery, Our Services, Our Products, News, Testimonials, Contact Us…

    Step 5. Your Target Market. Where and Who Your Clients are?

  • Location / Country / Industry
  • Audience
  • Age
  • Interests ...

    Step 6. Promotion & Advertising of Web Site. Free and Paid Ads

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Links from other related web sites, Web Directories, Emails, Banners...
  • Flyers, Business Cards, Media, Marketing strategy

    Step 7. Communication and Contacts. Do you have a time?

    Who will manage you web site content, translation, text and pictures updates, site promotion, and coordination?

    Step 8. Your Domain Name and Registration. Is it available yet?

  • By business name
  • By company services or products
  • Extensions: com, ca, net, info, org ...
  • Think about E-mail addresses

    Step 9. Web Site Hosting.
    Who will be a Hosting company for your Web Site?

    Step 10. Time Line. When do you need it done?

  • How much time do you have for the Web Site Project development?
  • Will you start with small Web Site and grow it in future?

    Step 11. Your Web Site Budget. How much are you willing to invest in your Web Site?

    Step 12. Results Measurement. How will you measure your web site success?

  • Number of visitors – traffic amount
  • Sold products
  • New members
  • Profit from web site sales

    Sergey Pavlov, Certified Digital Media specialist. Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization. He can be reached at (519) 746-3239 or

    Copyright 2007


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