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Ask For The Order
In the course of the Sales Process, there are logical steps culmination with a happy client and a paid solutions provider.

Establish the Relationship
People buy from people they know and trust. So spend some time on getting to know your customer, and establishing your validity. Give him reasons to deal with you

Ask Questions
Find the needs. You should be mentally formulating solutions as you talk with him. Ask more questions, in the form of "If I did this, so you could have/do that, is that what you are thinking?"

Present Options, Recommend The Best Solution

You should have a complete idea of needs and possible solutions before you formulate solutions. Check with the customer that he feels the same way (Trial closes). You are now starting the closing process.

Validate the Decision
"This is what I would do", or "This is what most clients do in a case like this".

Closing Styles
Now you are ready to "Close" the sale.

1. ABC - Always Be Closing Ask for agreement along the way so your customer will automatically agree with you at the end.
2. Direct Close- Will you buy?
3. Close on a Lesser Feature Do you prefer the red one or the green one?
4. I prefer the Assumed Close. This is a more natural Close, and sets the tone for 2 professionals to work together for a solution. I feel it shows more respect.

  • Do you need a gift box for this?
  • How would you like to pay for this?
  • I have a crew available tomorrow so you can have it for the weekend.
  • I'll just get your paperwork going to make sure your deadlines are met.
  • If you could get me the PO, I'll call the order in for you, so we can hit your deadline.

    Many sales people do a great job of presenting their products but fail to ask for the order. In fact this simple step is why most sales are lost. The most common complaint is that "I don't know what to say". So now you know what to say, go get the order!

    Margaret Pennyfather is an experienced Sales and Marketing Professional with experience and exposure to a wide range of businesses. Her Sales and Marketing Consulting Services are available to businesses from Marketing Network Associates and can be reached via email at

    Copyright 2007 Margaret Pennyfather


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